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2,5" Hydro-Force 250 Ejektor

Art. nr: 218
Hydro-Force 250 Nozzle

The Hydro-Force 250 can be used with almost any 2.5" dredge or highbanker, or it can be powered by an inexpensive trash pump. It only requires a single pressure hose, just like a conventional suction nozzle. The durable stainless steel nozzle tip is coned down to maximize suction and dramatically reduce plug-ups. In dry material, the unique 360 degree high pressure ring forces gravel and gold inward and upward into the suction stream.
Beställningsvara, 3-4 veckor (0)
3.450 kr


Price includes both male and female 1.5" or 1.25" Banjo Quick connectors for your pressure hose. Choose size from drop down menu. Hoses, motor/pump and sluice are not included. A water source is required for your water pump.
(5,400 GPH  @ 40 psi water pump or dredge pump required) Not intended for use with lay flat hose.

The HF 250 is light weight and easy to use, it can get into tight spots and just like the larger units, it has awesome dry land suction power!