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3" Hydro-Force 300 Ejektor

Art. nr: 219

Hydro-Force 300 Nozzle

The Hydro-Force 300 uses a 3" suction hose and a 2" pressure hose for terrific dry land suction power. Just like the other Hydro-Force nozzles, the stainless steel tip on the HF-300 is coned down for maximum suction and minimum plug-ups.

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Beställningsvara, 3-4 veckor (0)
3.750 kr


Price includes both male and female 2" Banjo Quick connectors for your pressure hose. Hoses, motor/pump and sluice are not included. A water source is required for your water pump.
(8,000 GPH  @ 40 psi water pump or dredge pump required) Not intended for use with lay flat hose.

This nozzle is a real work horse, it can chew through gravel at a phenomenal rate. It's a powerful tool for dry land gold recovery.