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Action Mining Table M8 Skakbord
  • Action Mining Table M8 Skakbord

Action Mining Table M8 Skakbord

Art. nr: 154
Your 2014 M7/8 Wave Table comes with:
A specially designed Feed Hopper that holds a 20 mesh screen (included) to easily classify
small batches of material while running the table. (Other mesh sizes available.)
A built-in hydraulic jack lift area (jack included) to easily and quickly adjust the height of
the concentrate end of the table.
2 Risers so that you can adjust each cons leg separately to level up the table for cleaner
Double the number of superior linear bearings for a smoother performance & longer life
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39.000 kr


600 - 2500 pounds of head ore material per hour, Examples are approximate recovery
 rates: 600 pph of copper/lead/zinc ore; 800 pph black sands; 2000+ pph of simple quartz ore
Recovery of gold particles ranges between 10 mesh and microscopic
Recovery of gold from classified black sand ranges from 80% to 99%.
Recovery of gold from small batches of classified black sands ranges from 92% to 99%.
Water requirements are 3 to 8 GPM, with 2 adjustable water spray bars
1/2 HP, 60 cycle, 110 VAC at 600 watts
Steel frame construction is finished yellow with high corrosion-resistant baked-on,
 powder coat epoxy paint.
Table top and hopper are constructed of fiberglass, gel-coated in finish blue (proven to be
 the best color for color contrast for gold)
Adjustable table top tilt & “bump”
Weight is 386 lbs, Dimensions are 61”L x 32” W x 39” H. Crated weight 409 lbs; dimensional weight is 600 lbs. Crated dimensions are 64”L x
36”W x 38”H. Can be shipped by truck or air or ocean freight